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Name: Ray
Alias: En!gMa
Time spent: Full time Working Full time college, Part time sleep
Admin since: The begining
Other Info: I BMX, Skateboard, and train a little MMA. Also, I am the web god.


Alias: CheesyRat
Time spent: Nothing
Admin since:The Dawn Of Time
Other Info: wishes z-day would really happen
no pic pls- terminaters cant find me kinda thing

Alias: IrishSpuds
Time spent: Wright State University
Admin since: One of the Founding Fathers
Other Info: I hate stone mailboxes with a passion.

Name: Ray
Alias: GET_SUM
Admin since: Almost a year ,
Other Info: I am 225 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal

Name: Jordan
Alias: Frosty
Time spent: been playing CS off and on since it first came out. (i still suck lol)
Admin since: like a week ago
Other Info: I am a Firefighter/EMT and im about to get a Job in corrections.

Name:Jared Teneese
Time spent:Working for Easyhome
Admin since:um
Other Info: Im Canadian and well OH CANADA!

Name: John
Alias: Prof. Indiana Jones
Time spent: Going to college, getting my degree in Animation.
Admin since: The middle of 2006
Other Info: I'm the Prof. who pwns you!


Name: Kris
Alias: pHrEeCk
Time spent: College
Admin since: Atleast a year I think
Other Info: Highschool Nickname "Jesus"

Name: John Augi
Alias: Augi
Time Spent: Almost a year now...
Admin since: Last march...ish....
Other Info: I am the Stig!

Name: Maria
Alias: Murr, Murrturtle, Murrbler,
Time spent: greene county career center. living my life and loving it. sleep. repeat.
Admin since: 2 years in february
Other Info: i'm badass. i have boobs.